Kultivation Festival F.A.M.D. (Food, Art, Music, and Dance) is a grassroots, volunteer driven initiative that aims to celebrate and promote the thriving modern cultural scene in Manitoba’s Filipino community.

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Kultivation F.A.M.D. is our ‘thank you’ to our parents.


We Are...

As first and second generation Filipinos, many of whom were born and raised here in Manitoba, we grew up watching our parents struggle. Beginning in the late 1950s, waves of Filipinos immigrated to Canada, leaving their homeland and their loved ones – all for a promise of a better life.

Although Manitoba delivered on the promise of a better life for them and their future families – sacrifices were made. 

 While some of our parents who left the Philippines with professional degrees and careers had to opt to leave their passions behind and work in minimum-wage jobs, for others, our parents were able to pursue opportunities that they would not have had in the Philippines and build a solid foundation for their children and grandchildren to thrive in this new country. Our parents paved the way in the garment, manufacturing and health care fields, and inspired us to pursue our deepest passions. 

Thanks to the struggles and sacrifices made by our parents, our generation was gifted a new life.

We are chefs, architects, CPAs, dancers, musicians, DJs, marketers, community investors, teachers, event-producers and storytellers.

Kultivation F.A.M.D. is our “thank you” to our parents who have sacrificed so much for us – so we, and the generations after us, can live out our dreams.


The Festival

Kultivation F.A.M.D. is a two-day festival that will take attendees through an immersive journey and showcase the story of our next generation of Filipino culture and innovation in Manitoba. The festival will infuse modern and traditional elements of our culture by focussing on four key elements (F.A.M.D.):


Above anything, food is a pillar to Filipino identity.

The festival will include food markets (or known as “Palengke” in Tagalog), tasting stations and food demos by Filipino chefs – all with an emphasis on local ingredients from Manitoba farmers.


Filipino artists, such as Jonato Dalayoan of 4Two Designs (who designed Kultivation’s branding!) is leading the art movement here in Winnipeg.

To showcase the work of trailblazers like him, the festival will include an art gallery and live-art demos for Filipino artists.


One thing is guaranteed – if you visit one of our homes, there is 101% chance there is a karaoke machine in our living room.

The universal language of music played a huge role in our upbringing. The Festival will highlight the growing Filipino musicians and DJs who call Manitoba home, through entertainment and live performances.


Manitoba is home to several national award-winning Filipino dance groups such as SIKAT Dance Company and Magdaragat Philippines Inc.

The festival will fuse traditional and modern Filipino dance performanc-es and competitions to create an alluring experience for attendees – from the traditional tinikling to line-dancing classes and even breakdance battles.

There is a new spirit of Filipino-Canadian identity—

and Manitoba is the hub of that spirit.

We believe a strong community is a community that learns and celebrates their diversities together.

By providing an outlet for others to learn about our Filipino-Canadian generation – we hope to build better understanding and connections with all Manitobans. As Filipino businesses and professionals – we cannot continue to grow and prosper alone, nor do we want to. Our growth is reliant on the partnerships of all Manitobans – our neighbours. And our first step is to teach others about our story.

More importantly, we want to show our future generations the new spirit of Filipino-Canadian identity. It’s a spirit fuelled by entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and passion. We believe Manitoba is the hub of the new spirit of Filipino-Canadian culture and we believe Manitoba has the opportunity to champion it.

Planned activities

Guiding Themes

Kultivation F.A.M.D. aligns with the following MB150 guiding themes:

According to the Philippine Consulate General there are over 80,000 Filipinos living in Manitoba. In addition, our province is home to the largest percentage of Filipinos per capita in Canada – making up 6.5% of the population (9% in Winnipeg).

The Manitoba Filipino community alone has over 100+ independent associations from basketball leagues, heritage groups and dance associations.

By early 2020, Kultivation F.A.M.D. and the Manitoba Filipino Business Council will be engaging a number of these associations to bring them in on this project and find collaborative ways to champion this festival together.

Our hope is to feature as many of these associations and community groups as possible – showcasing the important work they do to all Manitobans.

This Festival will bring together all Manitobans and educate them on their Filipino-Canadian neighbours, co-workers and friends.

Kultivation will tell our stories and showcase how Manitoba has influenced our journey. This showcase highlighting our food, art, music and dance, aims to welcome all Manitobans to learn and celebrate our Filipino-Canadian culture and the province we all come home.

We believe there is so much to discover with the Filipino culture. Although our Filipino business community is experiencing a recent boom, it is not proportionate for the number of Filipinos that call Manitoba home. By hosting this Festival, we hope to contribute to the Filipino business and cultural movement here in Manitoba and encourage future generations to continue the legacy.

A key mandate of our Festival is to work with elders in our community and Filipino heritage community groups to instil the true history of our ancestry and the generations before us. In order to share our story with other Manitobans, the Festival will educate attendees on our traditional culture and history – while also celebrating the new identity of Filipino-Canadians.

With that said, we acknowledge the history of Manitoba begins long before our people immigrated to this territory. In order to truly give thanks and celebrate Manitoba – we will be engaging Indigenous partners to take part in our festival and help educate our own people on the story of Manitoba.

Additional Notes

Messages From The Committee